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Berries Jam with Chia Seeds

If you ran out of jam/fruit spread for breakfast or school lunches and you have some fruit in your fridge you don’t need to run to the store. You mainly need some fruit and a sweetener. As a sweetener I like to use honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar. Sometimes if I’m in a rush I just smash the fruit, add the chia seeds and let it sit for a while before using it. My kids love it and it isn't crazy sweet as the store bought jam. You can use this jam to make a refreshment by mixing the jam with sparkling water, to make peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or as a topping for waffles, pancakes and oatmeal.


Strawberries and raspberries

Splash of water

Few tablespoons of sugar, maple syrup or honey

Splash lemon juice

Few tablespoons of chia seeds


  1. Cut the strawberries in fourths

  2. Place in a pot with the raspberries and a splash of water

  3. Bring to a boil

  4. Let it simmer for few minutes

  5. Turn it off

  6. Add few tablespoons of your chosen sweetener

  7. Add a splash of lemon juice

  8. Let it to cool down

  9. Add the chia seeds

  10. Mix and refrigerate for few hour

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