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Recipe Developer
Menu Creator
Culinary Consultant and
Food Educator

Designed for:

Nutritionists and Healthcare providers that don't have enough time to create a customized menu for each of their clients. I create menus and recipes for different dietary restrictions due to food sensibilities, allergies and treatments including IBS and Fodmap. I have many years of experience working with clients that have various dietary restrictions and preferences. I am passionate about guiding those that want to learn how to cook without spending endless hours in the kitchen. Having a customized menu with personalized recipes, and a grocery shopping list will lessen their anxiety and overwhelm of planning for their meals during this time of changes.

Families that struggle with all kind of food limitations and are tired of cooking different meals for each member of the family. I'll help you to find a way to accommodate everyone with few delicious and easy recipes. 

Chef Gaby is a recipe developer, menu creator and food consultant for entrepreneurs such as bloggers, nutritionists and individuals.

In this blog you will find tasty and easy recipes. 

kids and adults looking to learn how to cook new recipes while having fun.  Cooking classes are great to entertain your guests during a birthday party or any gathering. 

Food entrepreneurs that want to update, create new recipes, or simple give a twist to their food project.  I will work with you to develop a customized menu based on your business. Upon menu approval, I will take care of the recipe development, possible ingredients list, and ways to make modifications that can be done depending on dietary needs and seasonal ingredients. 


Individuals that want to cook nutritional, wholesome, delicious food and don't know where to start. I'll guide you with quick and nutritious recipes. You will be proud of your fridge and the delicious food that you cooked!

Venezuelan arepas cooking class

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