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Pumpkin Energy Bites

Let’s make a quick snack. It’s a fun way to have the kiddos helping in the kitchen. If you are worried about the pumpkin flavor, don’t, it's really mild. I wasn’t convinced after I tested this recipe, and I was happy that I had to test it a few times! This recipe does not involve knives, or heat so I can say it's safe, you can chill and put the kids to work! If you don't own a safe can opener, just measure the pumpkin puree for them and seat back. Once you have the mixture ready I recommend to chill it for a bit so it's easier to handle. Form the pumpkin oats bites into balls or Halloween creatures!

Makes: around 12 bites, depends on the size Prep time: 15 mins Resting time: 15 + Total time: 30 mins +++


3 cups old fashioned oats

2 tablespoons flax seeds meal or chia seeds

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Pinch of salt

¾ Pumpkin puree

⅓ cup Honey

½ cup Sunflower butter

Add-ons: chocolate chips, seeds, nuts, dried fruits, sprinkles, cocoa powder.


  1. In a mixing bowl add all of the ingredients

  2. Mix well, I ended up using my hands

  3. Add your favorite add ons, or use them to decor

  4. Cover and refrigerate for about 15 mins. This will help to handle the mixture better. You can make it the night before forming your bites.

  5. Form your bites

  6. When you are done, keep it refrigerated or freeze!

Tip: If you don't have time for the resting time just make the ones that you need, it will be a little sticky and then finish forming later or next day

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