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Greek Yogurt Frosting

This frosting made with yogurt is creamy and refreshing, my daughter loves it! It takes a little time because you have to let it rest to drain the excess water, but it's worth it! If you don't have time for this you can use it directly as it comes just add a little of coconut flour and you're done. It won't be as thick as when you let it rest overnight to remove the whey, but for a last minute recipe it will be perfect! To give it color you can use food coloring or your favorite fruit puree, if you use mashed fruit it has to be one that is very thick and does not add liquidness to the yogurt, so that it stays solid. For example if you mash some strawberries strain later so they drain a little.


2 cups Greek yogurt

3 tablespoons of powdered sugar or honey

Mashed fruit

Food coloring

Anything that you would like to use to garnish

You will need:

A strainer

A container to place the strainer on top

Rubber spatula


  1. We are going to leave the yogurt draining for at least an hour. If you can leave it overnight great, if you don't have time for any of these steps you can add about a tablespoon of coconut flour to the yogurt, mix well and that's it.

  2. Place a strainer over a bowl that will collect the whey that will drain from the yogurt. I used a bowl, then a small pasta colander and on top of it I placed the strainer, so the strainer did not stick to the bowl and had room to drain. See the picture below.

  3. Place the yogurt in the strainer, cover

  4. Let it rest. If it is all night better, if not one hour is enough.

  5. After letting the yogurt rest, transfer to a clean bowl.

  6. Add the powdered sugar or honey

  7. Divide the yogurt to mix the desired colors, flavors or use it plain.

  8. Now we are ready to decorate!


Feel free to add your favorite nut butter, chocolate, fruit puree, whatever you can think of that would give it a nice flavor and a nice color to the frosting!

I spread some of the leftover frosting on a tray with parchment paper, added sprinkles and put it in the freezer. And with the rest I made mini circles and froze them too, these are perfect for snacking! In one of the pictures you can see how they turned out.

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